Friday, 31 October 2014


Hey guys,

For those of you celebrating/who celebrated Halloween... Happy Halloween!

I've personally never really celebrated Halloween, unless you count the one time my parents allowed me to attend a Halloween party with their co-workers' children. 
So, judging by my above statement, you can guess that I normally don't go out on Halloween night. The weird thing is that I don't stay at home because I'm not allowed to go out or anything, I just personally chose not to go out.
It's really weird, but I always Imagine someone wearing the Scream mask, jumping out of the bushes and chasing me down the street. 
Yes I know, it's highly unrealistic, but that's just me. 
My theory is that I get slightly paranoid about stuff like that because I watched way too many horror movies as a kid and now I'm just letting my imagination run a little too wild. 
For example, I can't get on a train without imagining that scene from final destination when the train basically explodes. is anyone else familiar with that scene?

Moving on, today I had to hand in an art assignment  (that was due) at Ravensbourne (around the O2 arena), before my friend Zoe and I went to our friend Mayas' house to watch scary movies. 
Knowing my luck, things didn't really go as planned. I was supposed to get to Ravensbourne around 3:30pm so I could make it in time for the movie at 4:30pm, but just my luck! I ended up waiting on the bus in traffic for an hour and a half on my way to the o2, so I ended up handing my work in around 5:35pm. Then we took a train headed to Mayas' house, which was faster than the bus and traffic, but also quite long considering the fact that we had to get off the train to take the bus (directly to her house) for a couple of stops. 
After the train ride we were exhausted, hungry and tired, and as you know from all my other 'hunger-whilst-out-with-zoe' stories,we found a solution. 
Trick or Treating. 
We only went to one house, which was a couple of blocks away from Mayas house. 
A woman dressed as a witch opened the door, but was very reluctant to give us any candy because we weren't wearing costumes, so Zoe and I just kept on rambling on about how we were dressed as 'your average teenagers' until she eventually gave in.

It turns out that the lady we trick or treated, was friends with Mayas parents and had made plans to have dinner at their house. So about half way into the movie, a woman in a witch costume walks in and says "ohh it's you two" thinking it was Mayas mum, I responded with a puzzled look (we were watching a witch-based movie and I assumed Mayas mum was attempting to scare us), but when the woman continued "The two without costumes" the realisation of who it was hit me and I just sat there frozen. Staring at her with what I'm now hoping was shock and amusement, as opposed to creepy and weird.
I forgot the name of the movie we watched, but I do remember that it was made somewhere around june 1999. I also can't seem to remember much of the movie as a whole as we sat down the whole time either laughing at the poor acting in movie, or talking over it.

Anywhoo, if you celebrated Halloween, comment below what you went dressed as

Disclaimer: Maya finally bought me my skateboard! -Although it was supposed to be my 15th birthday present (she was seven months late) but the wait was totally worth it.

Anyway, I've got another quote and picture for you all,

On Halloween, the parents sent their kids out looking like me.
Rodney Dangerfield

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Teen Blogger Meet-Up

Hey guys,

I've just  found out the official date for the Teen Blogger Meet-up in December!
It's on Saturday 13th December at Convent Gardens, and it's being run by +Chloe Bellamy and  +Georgia Leigh who are the same two lovely girls who hosted the Summer Teen Blogger Meet.
If you're a blogger and you're in or around London, and can make it from where you live, meet-ups are a great way to socialise with fellow bloggers and really get your blogger brand out there.

If you want to get involved, you can get in touch with either one of the girls (Chloe or Georgia) via email, or via their Blogs and Twitter account:

Chloes' blog and twitter:
Twitter- @Chloe_Bellamy

Georgies' blog:

Anyway, I've got another quote and picture for you all,

Blogs are a great way to monitor and even participate in the chatter about your new site.
Mike Davidson

Thursday, 23 October 2014


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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

My Bucket List

Hey guys,

With all this news of death and illness, I had to take a big step backwards and take a good, long look at my life. There are soo many different things that I want to do/achieve before I 'hit the bricks'.
Now this list might look a little small, but it's constantly growing as both my Long term and my
 Short term gaols increase.

  Throw a surprise birthday party for someone
Create a Blog
Write my own book
  Inspire someone to try something new
Win more than four awards in sports
  Own three or more Blue Peter badges
Become good friends with the local shop-keeper
Learn how to ride a bike
Crawl on the floor in a public place
  Pass all my GCSEs with a minimum of a B
  Host a Blogger Meet-up
Go to a good College
Inspire someone to be a better person
  Travel to more than 4 countries
Attend a Blogger meet-up
Learn how to swim
  Host my own charity event
  Be a VIP at an event
Meet the queen
   Have my picture in a newspaper
  Make a viral video
   Reach 10,000 page views on my blog
 Fly around the world
  Become a blogging sensation
  Attend London Fashion Week
  Have a joint birthday outing with someone
  live in a three story house
  Invent my own app
  be featured in an online article
  Get an A in a maths test
  Walk the catwalk at Fashion Week
Participate in a charity run
   Meet my top 10 favourite people ever
  Fly a plane more than ten times
  Go to a rooftop party
  Ride (something with two wheels) down a steep hill
Reach grade 2 in guitar
   Climb a tree
Learn how to skateboard
  Roll down a hill in a giant Tyre
  Be an extra on a movie production
  Have a sleepover
  Sit under the stars with a loved one
  Walk the red carpet at a cool event
  Go to a WWE live show
   Get a standing ovation
Go sky diving
Go snorkelling
  Learn how to speak three different languages
  Set a record
  Be awarded three the Blue Peter Badges
  Skip a stone
  Say something that becomes a famous quote
  Stand on the equator
   Fly business class on a plane
   Photo bomb Someone  
Adopt a pet
   Take Pictures underwater 
   Pull an all Nighter four days in a row
Save a life
Burst into song in a random place   
Watch the sun rise and set twice (stay up for two days in a row)
Get on both hands and knees in a mall/ in Public with friends 
Go on a zip wire 
Find my own fashion sense 
Make a dream catcher 
   Leave a note in a bathroom stall
Put Mentos in coke
Have a sleepover
Throw change into a fountain and make a wish
Get a minimum of 4 As in any school test before my birthday
   Share something personal with my Blog viewers
  Have my own action figure
  Cook a three course meal
  Go paint balling

If you found my list interesting, why not make your own?