Sunday, 30 November 2014

Mockingjay Part 1

Hey guys, 

Yesterday, after attending the weekly National Saturday Art Club, I went to watch The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 with a couple of friends.
Before I even tell you my opinions on the movie, can I just ask...

Are you Team Gale, or Team Peeta?

If your answer is Gale, I applaud you.

I'm usually not a huge fan of the franchise, but this question just annoyed me soo much, I started to get into it (if that makes any sense).
I am just really baffled by the people who ship Peeta and Katniss. I mean, I do understand how nice and thoughtful it was for him to throw her the bread and all, but think about it. Peeta, a stranger at the time, performed a random act of kindness, but then you have Gale. Her best friend, the guy who has been there for her through thick and thin. The guy who helps her look after her family and the guy who constantly performs acts of kindness. Surely it's only fair that they end up being together.

The movie was only fairly entertaining. 
I must admit, there were a few scenes that had me in hysterics and two scenes in particular that almost had me shed a tear (without trying to give anything away, it was the scene where Peeta warns her and the very last scene of him/ the last scene) but I can't help but think of it as a 'filler' movie. Just to throw in all of the boring drama before the actual action begins in Part 2. 

I think the people who were in the cinema found me very annoying as, during the majority of the scenes they found touching and/or sad, I was laughing. I don't really want to specify any scenes because I might give something away, and spoilers are the one thing I hate the most when regarding movies/books.

I'm still unsure at whether I think watching the movie at the cinema was a waste of money or not, but right now, I belive it was worth it.  
This is because the cinema experience alone was amazing. That's just something you can't recreate at home. For example, during one of the silent points in the movie, someone at the back of the room attempted to do the mockinjay whistle, but failed miserably. That was followed by a short pause -where you would literally be able to hear a pin drop- then the entire cinema simultaneously erupted in laughter. That was hilarious.

If you have watched the Film:

What was your favourite scene?
Were there any scenes that made you laugh or cry?
Where there any funny/awkward moments in your cinema experience? If so, what was it?

Another quick question. 

Is it just me, or does Prim look a little like Shailene Woodley in some scenes?

Anyway, I've got another quote and picture for you all,

“Fire is catching! And if we burn, you burn with us!” 
― Suzanne CollinsMockingjay

P.S. My favourite part of the movie was when Katniss started singing the 'Falling Tree' song and the scenes that followed soon after.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

The TMI tag

Hey guys,

I thought it'd be really fun to do the TMI tag, because it gives you'all a chance to get to know me a little better, but what'll be really cool, is if you guys did the tag too and linked me to your posts so I can get to know you better too.

1: What are you wearing?- My nighties
2: Ever been in love? - Nope
3: Ever had a terrible breakup? -Nope

4: How tall are you? - The last time I measured myself was two years ago, but I think I'm 5ft 6-7 

5: How much do you weigh? - I don't do this often, the last time I measured myself was in July, but I think I'm 55 on the scale
6: Any tattoos? -Nope
7: Any piercings? -Yes, one per ear
8: OTP? (One True Pair) - Lily and Marshal 
9: Favorite show? - How I Met Your Mother, Gotham, How to get away with murder, criminal mincds, Fashion Bloggers, Total Divas, House of DVF
10: Favorite bands? - The Script , One republic, Greenday, Coldplay, cold war kids
11: Something you miss? The  TV shows I watched as a kid
12: Favorite songs? - The A Team - Ed Sheeran, Centuries - Fall Out Boy, Firsts - Cold war kids, Carousel Ride- Rubblebucket
13: How old are you? - 15
14: Zodiac sign? - Pisces
15: Quality you look for in a partner? -Honesty, Kindness, Funny, Physically fit
16: Favorite Quote? - I think, therefore I am - RenĂ© Descartes 

17: Favorite actor? - Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch

18: Favorite color? - RED (now and forever)
19: Loud music or soft? - Depends on my current mood
20: Where do you go when you’re sad? - generally to my bedroom 
21: How long does it take you to shower? - 20mins maximum
22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 15mins
23: Ever been in a physical fight? - Never
24: Turn on? - Outgoing, Kindness, Funny, Physical fitness
25: Turn off? - immaturity, obnoxious, vanity, rude 
26: Fears? - Insects and most birds
27: Last thing that made you cry? - A TV show
28: Last time you said you loved someone? - yesterday, to my mum 
29: Last book you read? - The Davinci Code 
30: Last show you watched? - Fashion Bloggers
31: Last person you talked to? - My sister
32: The relationship between you and the person you last texted? - BFF
33: Favorite food? -Pizza!
34: Place you want to visit? - Currently.. nowhere
35: Last place you were on Holiday? - Paris, France 
36: Do you have a crush? - Nope
37: Last time you kissed someone? - Never, unless you count kissing my mum on the cheek
38: Last time you were insulted? - No clue
39: Favorite flavor of chocolate? - White chocolate 
40: What instruments do you play? - Guitar and the keyboard
41: Favorite piece(s) of jewelery? - Rings and necklaces
42: Last song you sang? - Centuries - Fall Out Boy
47: Favorite chat up line? - Hi.........
43: Have you ever used it? - nope
44: Last time you hung out with anyone? - Yesterday 
45: Who should answer these questions next? - Neriah and everyone currently reading this post

Anyway, I've got another quote and picture for you all,


I love making new friends and I respect people for a lot of different reasons.
-Taylor Swift

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Top 10 Revision Tips/ 5 Tips On Overcoming procrastination

Hey guys,

If you are sitting any exams soon, or you're anything like me (you're a master procrastinator)
 I hope this post comes in very handy for you. Bur bare in mind that I may be able to give you tips on how to revise, but if you're too busy procrastinating, there's no use.

With that said, it seams only fitting that I start off with:

My top five tips on how to overcome procrastination.

  1. Create a Revision timetable 
  2. Tell a parent that you've got the exam coming up and fill them in on your timetable. This way, if they see you moping around or doing something else instead of revision, they can steer you back onto the right path.
  3. Break a long task down into miniature, more manageable tasks to trick your brain into thinking that it's doing less, when really, you're doing exactly the same amount of work, just at a quicker, more efficient pace.
  4. Focus on one task at a time. Don't freak yourself out by reminding yourself about the mounds of work you have to complete in soo little time. Just start, and by the time you know it, you'll be almost finished doing most of the things on your list.
  5. Change your environment. If you're in a noisy room at home, leave the house and head over to the library, or (if you don't want to do that) just head over to your room and close the door behind you.
My top ten tips on how to help you revise.
  1. Understand your learning style (figure out the way you find easier to memorise things). This could be through acting it out, linking it to a thought or image, making mind maps, listening to music etc etc
  2. Once you've completed the first stage, put it into practice. As simple as this sounds, don't lock yourself away in your room, glued to your books for hours on end if the only method of revision that has a positive affect on you is acting the words out or turning the words you need to know into popular songs.
  3. Prioritise what you need to revise. By this I mean, don't do what I do. I tend to focus on the subjects that I find the easiest because they are easier to revise and I don't have to put any effort into it. This is wrong because I'm only going over what I'm good at instead of learning something new. The trick to start with what you find the most difficult and focus on those subject, that was even if you fun out of revision time, you know that you have  rough idea of how to do everything (if that makes sense)
  4. Make mind-maps and little notes around your bedroom and on your ceiling. This way, the first and last thing you will see every day is your revision notes
  5. HELP EACH OTHER OUT. This is just my opinion (based on personal experience), but testing your friends by asking them questions based on the subject you're revising, helps you out just as much as it helps them. This is because by drilling the answers into their head, without realising it, you're also drilling it into yours, as you repeat the answer over and over again.
  6. I find, writing out my revision notes using a range of different coloured pens helpful because staring at blue/black ink makes me feel very bored, causing me to get distracted easily. You could be the same.
  7. Practice on past papers. The best thing to do is print out a bunch of past papers and practice on them. This way, not only are you testing yourself, but you'll have to mark the work after, allowing you to look at and understand the mark scheme, so you know roughly what to do when you're taking your real exam.
  8. Take short breaks. This should keep you focused and should hopefully prevent you from procrastinating
  9. Don't keep your phone with you when revising, it'll only tempt you and prevent you from focusing
  10. Something I failed to do this year was revise in advance. Yes, yes, I know the sound of revising during summer or Christmas doesn't sound all that appealing, but trust me, the time you spent sitting down watching the television could have been used to write revision cards, that way, while everyone is panicking at the last minute, you're already a step ahead
Remember, walking into an exam thinking that you're going to fail puts blocks in your mind. What you should really do is try and think positive, try listing to some music on your way to school on the day of the exam, making sure that you have had enough sleep and that you have eaten breakfast, so you're not sat in the exam thinking about food.

Anyway, I've got another quote and picture for you all,

Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday
-Don Marquis

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Quick and easy tips to make a new friend

Hey guys,

 I think one of the things I struggled the most with when I was younger was socialising. 
I don't mean this as I was antisocial. But I was in a way. Sure I'd feel comfortable talking to people I knew, but when left in a room with someone new, it'd be really awkward.

I remember, back when I lived in Abu Dhabi, we had new neighbours, and one of their daughters were my age (in my year) and starting at my school, so we offered to give her a ride.  
Not only did my mum leave us sitting alone on the living room sofa, she also put me in an awkward position by telling me to take photos with the girl, which was very,very awkward but...
Now that I think about it, my mums refusal to pick up on an awkward situation, was useful because it helped to break the ice and the girl and I became quite good friends soon after. 
Moving on, these are my top five tips for making new friend, try some and feel free to comment if they've worked for you:

    • Never, ever speak about the weather.                                                                                           -Talking about the weather is one of the worst things you could do, it's almost as bad as going "Well, this is awkward" because instead of making things less awkward, you're actually highlighting the silence. Bare in mind, I'm talking about making new friends, not about how you should act with your current friends. If someone was to fill an awkward silence with my current friends, we'd all burst out in laughter         
    •   Get into hobbies or communities where you'll naturally meet a lot of people, ones you already have something common with and a built-in activity/conversation opportunity to do with them. this means put yourself in a situation where lots of potential friends are around, and you naturally have to get to know them through your day-to-day interactions. Work and school are the two big ones.            
    • Always try asking some questions about the person.                                                                   -This is really useful if you run out of things to say, or if you had nothing so talk about in the first place. Bare in mind that different situations may call for different types of questions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               There  the basic questions that you could ask after you've introduced yourself:  "what's your name?" "how old are you?" "where did you move from?". But there are also questions that you should ask in particular circumstances e.g. if there was a new student in your school, you might want to ask:                                                                                                                            -"What school did you used to go to?"                                                                                  
    • Once you've found a potential friend, try inviting them out somewhere you thing you'd both enjoy and see where the friendship blossoms from there.
    • Do your best to accept every invitation

If at first people invite you out and you constantly decline, they will just give up and stop inviting you to places. This is bad because it means that you're out of the loop. What I'd recommend you do is accept the first five-eight times they invite you out, then you start being the one to invite people out. After that, You can do whatever you want because they know that you'd be up for going if you are free and not that you're the one that never goes anywhere.

    Overall, meeting new people may require making an effort to pull out of your day-to-day routine. If most of your hobbies are solitary you might also need to add some more people-oriented ones to the mix. Also, the easiest way to naturally meet a lot of people is just to live a full, interesting life and run into lots of potential friends as a Bonus.

Anyway, I've got another quote and picture for you all,

Remember,If you want new friends and a social life, you've got to do something to make it happen