Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Hey guys,

I know today is usually one of my posting days but I thought -since tomorrow marks the second year of my very first ever blog post on this blog- I might as well post tomorrow (or "today" in some countries)


Sunday, 22 March 2015

You can't have Success without stress. Can you?

Hey guys,

Sending out invites; picking a venue; shopping 'til you literally drop- planning your 16th birthday isn't as glamorous as they make it out to be on TV. I'm sure most of you  have 'Been there, done that' and now- I'm glad to say- so have I.
       Yesterday- Saturday to me and those within this time zone- I, like most of my friends spent most of the day out and about London. Well, I wouldn't exactly say 'out and about' considering we stuck to the SouthBank-London Eye area.
       After weeks and weeks of planning, it seamed like all of my joint Birthday dinner plans -with one of my best friends Kayleigh- were deteriorating before my very eyes. First, the plans I had for my hair fell through, not to mention what a struggle it was to find a venue in the city with a beautiful view of the London skyline.
We originally wanted to surprise our guests by hosting our dinner at the Shard, but the building was fully booked -my guess is, some sort of private event- therefore we were unable to make a reservation. Our next hope was to find a place at the Gherkin. The photographs of the restaurant view (in one of the images below) was amazing, but that- just like the Shard- threw another obstacle at us. Like most other menus, there is a set and an open menu so it all depends on your party size.
Sushisamba, but we were informed that we had to have a chaperone accompanying us throughout the night as there was a bar near the table. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say No teenage girl wants a chaperone tagging along at her birthday when she is out with her friends. It's not an ideal situation. Besides, it's not like anything crazy was going to happen.
       Moving on, the actual night was amazing. I wouldn't have changed a single thing about it. Everyone showed up on time -which is a first for our group- and appeared to have a great night out.
    We started off at Skylon. The food there was unsurprisingly good, although I do admit that I was a little hesitant on trying the Hake, I ended up loving it. To summarise (I don't want to start boring you here) my favourite part of being at Skylon would definitely have to be the pranks we played on my friend Maya. Despite up being sixteen -and supposedly 'maturing young adults'- we have a tendency of acting like five year olds sometimes. In the shortest way to tell this possible, every time Maya looked away from her glass we dropped a carrot into it. This meant that in order to enjoy a clean glass of water, she had to request for a new one. If only you were there to see the look of judgement on the waiters' face every time she asked for a new glass. His face was priceless.

      Whilst planning the evening, we (Kayleigh and I) told our friends to bring an extra three pounds with them, but we refused to tell them what for. Later on into the evening -after dinner, around eight thirty give or take ten minutes or so- we finally put their curious minds to rest by informing them that we were all about I can only imagine how out of place we looked;all dressed up, some of us even wearing healed boots and being 5ft8, I struggled to fit into the car with my shoes on.

Image result for bumper cars southbank

After three adrenaline-filled rounds of bumper cars; a failed attempt at Dance Dance Revolution and a throwback to the early 2000s with a game of Tekken, I think it's safe to say we spent more time than planned in the arcade. Upon leaving -me being me- I bought myself a Cheeseburger from McDonalds because nothing screams 'Party!' louder than McDonalds. All jokes aside, I'd say the night was almost perfect. We spent the next five to ten minutes outside the London eye laughing and chatting before I thought it was time to kick things up a notch by whipping out the Party Poppers. I had enough for us to have just about three Poppers each, which although I still feel guilt for the mess we made, was unbelievably fun.
         I arrived at my house at approximately ten thirty if I recollect correctly. My mum had offered to pick me up from the bus stop as it was late, but I thought then was a better time than ever to 'grow a pair' metaphorically speaking of course.

P.s. I've been avidly watching Gossip Girl, I'm at the point where I had to stop myself from signing this post off with "xoxo GG".

Anyway, I've got another quote and picture for you all,

Sweet 16 is the moment of truth when girls mature from there childish youths

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Casual Chic?

Hey guys,

Since it is still birthday season (my birthday) I thought I'd give you some insight into my brainstorm for outfit ideas. I'm not necessarily saying that I'll be buying the items listed below (come on, there's no way I'd spend more that £50 on a bag yet alone more than £800)

Ohh, and I almost forgot, my friend Fiona and I were walking and saw this homeless guy outside of Wasabi in Oxford street, so we went in and bought hum some hot noodles, when we came out, there was a black car with its windows being rolled up. (I'm not even a fan) but guess who was in the car- Kylie JennerCasual

I feel like online shopping is amazing and helps you discover what kind of clothes you're into as well as helping you to discover your sense of style all from the comfort and safety of your home, but then it also really sucks because- I don't know about you- but I love almost everything I see when online shopping, but fail to remember that I'm the one who will be wearing the clothes, and not the model on the screen. For example, I was piecing together (what I think was) a really cute outfit to wear for my Birthday dinner next week and one of the items I was adamant on getting were these really minimalistic one-strapped heeled sandals. Yesterday when I went shopping, I finally had the chance to try on one of these sandals and to my horror, (a little side note- I don't like showing large sections of my feet) 3/4 of my foot was on display. Now I know, I know, what else was I expecting to happen? All the photos show the same results- but I'd thought it'd be less exposed in real life.

Anyway, I've got another quote and picture for you all,


Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.
Bo Derek

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

1 Hour to go!

Hey guys,

I am going to keep this as short and sweet as possible.

Tomorrow -well today in some places- I am finally joining the 16 band wagon!
I am literally at the stage in which I cannot contain my excitement.
To think that little-ol' me has been here on earth for almost sixteen years. Wow.
To be completely honest, I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. To many people, sixteen isn't even that big of a number, but considering that I am the youngest in my family... I don't know. I guess every age I turn is special because I will be the last child in our immediate family turning that age.

Considering that I will be one year older, I think it's only fitting that I share another Bucket list; things I want to do and achieve this year (mostly for summer- this list doesn't necessarily consist of things I haven't done):

  • Go on a road trip
  • Go camping
  • Go on a scavenger hunt
  • Gain work experience
  • Go rock climbing
  • Start working
  • Go skateboarding at a skate park
  • Meet at least three new people
  • Feed/donate to the homeless
  • Talk to a stranger
  • Roast a marshmallow
  • Sing camp-fire songs
  • Have a picnic in the park
  • Have a water balloon fight
  • Take on more responsibilities
  • Volunteer at a charity
  • Attempt some Pinterest DIYs
  • Attend a blogger meet-up
  • Go on a slip and slide
  • Visit a theme park
  • Visit London Zoo
  • Learn and master a new skill
  • Start a scrapbook
  • Pass my GCSEs (this is last on my list because we get our results at the end of summer, not because it is the least important)
Anyway, I've got another quote and picture for you all,

Farewell to braces, pigtails and toys. Welcome to driving, parties and boys!- Anonymous

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Gift wishlist

Hey guys,

I'm going to keep this short and sweet x

So, I'm posting a little later than you're used to, but this is something I really had to think about. My birthday is around the corner, and if any of my friends or family just happen to come by this post, here are a few ideas of the presents/gifts I would like to receive (hint hint).

Okay, I know this list is chuck-full of expensive items, buttt it's not just a list for my friends you know? I'd expect them to buy me the small stuff like earphones and whatnot. On the other hand -If any of my family members are watching this, this is just to let you know to save up because my birthday is in FOUR DAYS!

Anyway, I've got another quote and picture for you all,

Every year on your birthday, you get a chance to start new.
-Sammy Hagar

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A little spark of Joy

Hey guys,

After days of failed attempts, I have finally got my laptop to stop malfunctioning and work in a somewhat 'normal' way.

Let me start off by saying "Hello" I  have missed talking to you all for a week. What you've missed out on:

  • A two day mock examination for Maths, Science and English on Monday and Tuesday
  • My third failed dentist braces-removal appointment (my advice to anyone who also wears braces will be to follow exactly what your orthodontist says). The longer you misbehave, the longer you have to wear your braces
  • Linking to the above point. I was planning to have my braces off for my 16th birthday (which happens to be on the 12th of this month) but now I'm just going to have to deal with it
  • Lectures from teachers about how close we all are to our GCSEs and finishing secondary school for good
  • Being forced to think about "what I want to be in the future". I mean, yes. I know what kind of job I want -almost anything that involves travelling the world and meeting new people. Maybe even going back to live in Abu Dhabi or Dubai (if I'm lucky)

Moving on, today has been quite eventful for me. Starting off, I just realised that -in my futile efforts to find comfort whilst laying in bed writing this post- I have ripped my t-shirt in three places. The struggles.

Secondly today, I had an interview with my first option for a Sixth Form to attend this year.
Have you ever had that feeling of confidence when you hear the idea of something and think to yourself "I'm going to go in there and be 100% confident and perfect"? Yeah, so have I. 
I realised just how mentally unprepared I was. Interviews, regardless of how "scary" or even "casual" they are described to be, are always nerve-racking. The feeling that someone else has complete control over whether you achieve what it was you were applying for is one of the scariest experiences ever. I could literally feel myself shaking was I walked through the doors.

Then I took a seat.
And the woman interview was soo kind and warm.
I left that room with my mum; a large smile plastered on my face.

As hard, or even potentially cliché this may sound- if you just let loose and be yourself; show your personality as well as your skill set/qualifications, regardless of whether you get the place or not, you can leave the building with a smile on your face and a little spring in your step. Oh, and if you too are attending any interviews (where you too have to take a parent) as much as you want to take charge -as it is YOUR interview- my advice will be that you to also allow your parent to chime in as well (if you feel nervous). I can 100% say that having my mum by my side today was very beneficial to my interview. 

Anyway, I've got another quote and picture for you all,

I sometimes find that in interviews you learn more about yourself than the person learned about you.
William Shatner