Tuesday, 2 February 2016

What I HATE about winter

Hey guys,

If you have been reading my blog for a long time, you will know that my absolute least favourite season is Winter. There are just so many reasons Why to hate and love Winter, but below I'll only be sharing the 5 main reasons why I hate winter:

1. Rain
This includes anything from the constant pitter patter of the raindrops against my rooftop to the wet mess all over the bus floors. I am fully convinced that there is absolutely nothing worse than being out without an umbrella during winter in London. I remember this one time not long ago, I forgot to check the weather before leaving my house, which resulted in me having no umbrella. After school, I began walking towards a nearby McDonald's and it began to rain. You wouldn't believe me when I say that the combination of rain and wind almost blew me into the street four times. By the time I had reached the McDonald's I was soaking wet, the contents of my school bag was also wet as my bag wasn't designed to be zipped, so when it rained all the water was collected in the bag.

2. People, hygiene and getting sick
I'm not sure why a lot of individuals do this, but people think that just because it is Winter and "everyone" has a cold, it is acceptable to sneeze without covering their mouths, or simply just sneeze into their hands and proceed to touch the door handle. Literally, all the teachers in my school are currently sick and therefore the majority of students are currently being taught by a supply teacher (Hmm...I wonder why this happened). 

3. Cold seats
I think this is pretty self explanatory. You get up for one second -when you get back your seat is cold

4. Waking up before the sun rises.
Okay, so this is sort of a love hate relationship. There is nothing that motivates me less to get out of bed in the morning than thinking that it is still night time. No sunlight passes through my curtains because it is still dark out but although I hate waking up to a dark morning sky, there's something really therapeutic about being able to watch the sun rise on your journey to school/work.

5. HEATING (or lack of)
This is one that I feel very passionate about. Every so often during the winter months, I would wake up to there being no heat being emitted by our radiators as well as being told that my sister had finished all of the hot water in the shower. The absolute best way to ensure that you arrive at school stressed and irritated is to ensure that you have a lovely ice-cold shower during winter.

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Anyway, I've got another quote for you all,

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.
Victor Hugo

P.s. sorry for the late post, as stupid as this sounds, I thought I had clicked 'publish' before I closed the tab, but I logged on today and realised that I hadn't xx